Kobolds are a social dragonid race hypothesized to share a common ancestor with Yonnish halflings that diverged following exposure to the magical hyperfertility of true dragons, producing a fully speciated reptilian humanoid people not unlike the lizardfolk and the troglodytes. This hypothesis is supported by the relative frequency of kobold sorcerers who successfully manifest.

Kobolds shared in the administration of Komwë’s Dragon Empire before its fall at the hands of Tyne and consequently can be found all over the southern continent. There is also a thriving minority community in Aglondale allied with the Gold Wyrm Pythanophas, who has given them a degree of protection from oppression since ancient times.

Kobold subspecies and ethnic groups include:

  • Aglobalti (aka “Forest Kobolds”)
  • Cobalti (aka “Sea Kobolds”)
  • Iqwabalti (aka “Arctic Kobolds”, “Southern Kobolds”)
  • Rakibalti (aka “Desert Kobolds”)
  • Shasabalti (aka “Jungle Kobolds”)
  • Zemulbalti (aka “Earth Kobolds”)


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