Elves are an extremely long-lived fey humanoid species with a sizable contiguous land empire encircling the Cobalt Sea. Nearly 80% of all elves in the world live in one of the Elven Kingdoms that share the Sea’s borders, or in the nearby fey nation of Färchaia; another 18% reside on the island of Ki-Tan.

Though their connection to the raw magic of the wild is decidedly less potent than that of other fey, such as sprites, nymphs, and even gnomes, many elves consider elvenkind to be the greatest of the fey races. In some cases this is because elves believe their humanoid qualities complement their fey qualities synergistically, making them superior to either group by uniting the longevity and magical potential of fey with the ambitious imperialist expansionism of humanoids. In other cases, elves are simply in denial of their humanoid qualities and believe that their magic is subtly stronger than the magic of so-called “true” fey in supposedly non-obvious ways.

There are many subspecies of elf:

  • Aexiach (aka “Gray Elves”, “Royal Elves”)
  • Celenori (aka “High Elves”)
  • Cobaltach (aka “Sea Elves”)
  • Fürach (aka “Fire Elves”)
  • Gruagach (aka “Wild Elves”)
  • Nordenori (aka “Northern Elves”)
  • Rakistori (aka “Desert Elves”)
  • Shasori (aka “Jungle Elves”)
  • Svergach (aka “Drow”, “Dark Elves”)
  • Sylvach (aka “Wood Elves”, “Sylvan Elves”)


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