Thaygor Benetapos

"Know what today is, Fengard? PAY DAY!"


Race: Bogubora (Bugbear) / Vampire
AC: Yes
HP: Lots
Weapons: Heavy Pick, Morningstar, Dagger, Cleaver
Saves: Decent


On his warpath through northern Komwë Lord Ragnar was known for his habit of occasionally sparing a village or tribe if they offered him fighters or laborers of sufficient skill, and to this end in 3979 the mining village of Beneta on the island of Caurthos was more than happy to rid itself of Thaygor, a sadistic eight-foot-tall butcher of men, women, and children who was soon to be executed anyway. Sired into vampirehood by Ragnar’s highest-ranking thrall, the lizardfolk abjurer Sesstov, Thaygor immediately earned a reputation as perhaps Ragnar’s most literally and figuratively bloodthirsty servant when he persuaded his new master that there were many more potential fighters to be claimed from Beneta and that they ought to be humbled for offering up only one who was already condemned. With Ragnar’s blessing, Thaygor rode back into town, borne in the saddle of Ragnar’s dread servant Hylonome the Broken to enthrall more of his former fellow townsfolk, steal all of the material wealth that Ragnar’s forces could carry, drive the survivors down into the mines, and collapse the tunnels with explosives, leaving nothing but blasted ruin in his wake.

Not content to peak so early into his career of violence, Thaygor took to the nomadic vampire warlord lifestyle as a fire takes to heart pine and enthusiastically ravaged more villages and tribes to the south in Komwë until in 3984 he encountered a certain young half-orc warrior.

The two did not get along.


The half-orc was victorious in their initial confrontation; impressed by the half-orc’s tenacity and skill in defeating such a superior opponent, Ragnar decided to turn the half-orc personally rather than give him to a thrall. Thaygor was left humiliated, both by his defeat and by the half-orc’s closer connection to their sire, but Thaygor soon had an opportunity for revenge: he spent many days torturing the half-orc during his initiation rites through blood deprivation, disfigurement, dismemberment, and whatever other cruelties Thaygor could imagine until the half-orc’s mind snapped, his old identity gone and forever replaced by that of “Fengard”. Fengard has not forgotten the terrible experience that Thaygor forced him to endure, and the two have since developed a fierce and bitter enmity that only their mutual master can ever force them to put aside.

Fengard’s assignment to the elite force under David Caravag is the latest humiliation for Thaygor, and one that he is unlikely to suffer quietly.

Thaygor Benetapos

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