Tibarius Steel Mane


Komwë has no end of tales regarding mighty and unusual beasts that hide in its many plains and high mountains, ranging from hydra to winged turtle. The nomadic orc tribes that Fengard grew up among spun tales of great horses that could fly alongside the birds or were able to move through the seas like a fish. These campfire stories are some of the only memories to carry through Fengards initiation into house Perünov.

Due to his size and weight especially when riding in armor, most horses available to the house were unable to effectively serve him during long ventures and campaigns. It was not unusual to find Fengard dismounted in battle, not by lance but due to a sluggish steed. Once he had proven his loyalty to Lord Ragnar through oath and victory it was time to seek a suitable companion.

With permission Fengard traveled the plains of Komwë as he had in youth, searching for any tracks of note, many a night passed before he found sign of his quarry. A series of great hoof print among a sea of trampled tall grass, he followed the trail through the moonlit night and the agony of day before eventually losing sight of it amidst the ruins of a long forgotten village.

In a moment of unbefitting weakness the knight collapsed in the remains of a hut and took what seemed to be the first proper rest he had experienced in years. It was in this moment of calm self reflection that the great beast came to him, it bore a mighty plume of red and black with an expression of respect, pride and determination about it, This lord among horses stood almost as tall as Fengard himself with a strength to match.

Bonding on an almost spiritual wavelength the two of them quickly became famed companions, an unbreakable duo whose approach only meant the defeat of their adversaries and more songs of triumph for their allies. Even Thaygor dared not provoke them when together.


Tibarius Steel Mane

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