Dvirhim is an ancient nation of Dwarvish origin. It began as the Grand Duchy of Medyova in 2682, a fiefdom within the earlier dwarf kingdom of Jaborhim; but when Jaborhim began to crumble following panic and destruction at the arrival of the great wyrm Lyndesine in 2705, the Grand Duchy quickly developed into the new center of safety, culture, and centralized authority.

Though Lyndesine had murdered his beloved father Medvei, and though no one had ever been in a better position to hunt the dragon down, the Grand Duke Stanislav Medivich I made the fateful decision to stay within his walls, codify new formal rules for the structure of the northern kingdoms’ monarchies, and protect his people, rather than go out in search of vengeance. As a consequence of this decision, Lyndesine’s horrible bicentennial rampages continued to plague the country for a thousand years, inextricably intertwined with dwarvish destiny in a seemingly eternal cycle of violence. As another consequence of this decision, the Medivich family became the greatest dynasty of dwarves ever to live, and Dvirhim grew into the wealthiest and second-vastest empire in Ërdin’s history, currently covering an area of more than five million square miles of land.

Dvirhim has had eleven true monarchs and two regents across its span of existence. To learn about Dvirhim’s history during their respective reigns, see their individual articles.

Stanislav Medivich I “the Visionary” (Grand Duke of Medyova from 2706-3107, Grand Duke of Dvirhim from 3107-3109)
Vaslav Medivich I “the Brief” (Grand Duke of Dvirhim from 3109-3110)
Vaslav Frolovich I “the Responsible” (Regent of Dvirhim from 3110-3148)
Alexei Medivich I “the Humble” (Grand Duke of Dvirhim from 3148-3240, Prince of Dvirhim from 3240-3255)
Alexei Medivich II “the Dog of the Reiks” (Prince of Dvirhim from 3255-3298)
Andrei Medivich I “the Wise” (Prince of Dvirhim from 3298-3325)
Yaromir Medivich I “the Ascendant” (King of Dvirhim from 3325-3346)
Stanislav Medivich II “the Expansionist” (King of Dvirhim from 3346-3351, Emperor of Dvirhim from 3351-3547)
Yaromir Medivich II “the Purifier” (Emperor of Dvirhim from 3547-3612)
Andrei Medivich II “the Dragonslayer” (Emperor of Dvirhim from 3612-3705)
Andrei Medivich III “the Beloved” (Emperor of Dvirhim from 3705-3901)
Alexei Medivich III “the Usurper” (Regent of Dvirhim from 3901-3936)
Fyodor Medivich I no epithet (Emperor of Dvirhim from 3936-present)


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