Blood and Jazz

Chapter 1, Session 3
In Which Celebrations are Planned; Several Misadventures Transpire in Woodsy Terrain; and There is Much Ominous Foreshadowing

The native peasants of Nälosk threw a feast in honor of Caravag’s team. Kal animated the great boar’s skeleton, neatly pulling it free of its flesh so that the villagers could cook and serve its meat as the main course. Unfortunately, this celebration was upstaged somewhat when Governor Gregor Durosko and his daughter Catherine arrived; Gregor announced that his daughter’s birthday would be celebrated at the end of the week, irritating the villagers who had hoped to spend the time in celebration of their newfound heroes. Catherine, for her part, made an effort to appear diplomatic and charmed Caravag’s team and villagers alike.

That evening, while Catherine and Kia were out walking in the woods to the southeast of the village, they were attacked by a Kyton (also known as a Chain Devil); Kia subdued the monster, and Catherine killed it with a concealed silver dagger, unfortunately preventing it from telling more about its motives.

Kal and Fengard, meanwhile, had a merry adventure in the denser forests to the north, falling into a nest of ettercaps and uncovering an old Ethereal Filcher skeleton on top of a small hoard of magic items. The ettercaps hinted at something about dragons before they were mercilessly cut down. Probably wasn’t anything important.

Chapter 1, Session 2
In Which the Tiefling Kia Culac Arrives; a Mission Briefing is Delivered; and a Monstrous Boar is Fought

The tiefling ranger Kia Culac came to Nälosk, a representative to Caravag of the Abyss, the chaotic evil afterlife. She joined Caravag and her soon-to-be teammates in a small theater where Caravag delivered their mission briefing by way of a movie projector ring. The objective: Sergei Levanir, an archmage tentatively allied with Caravag’s rebellion who has recently dropped off the radar and is apparently using the resources of the city of Avessa’s powerful mob boss Mikhail Colombov as a guardian against rebel retaliation. The team’s orders are to kill Colombov; then Caravag and the band will wait for Levanir to become aware of his guardian’s demise and be smoked out of hiding.

The team trained and got to know one another for three weeks, except for Dietrich, who remained antisocial and spent most of his time studying and having the soldiers under his command do reconnaissance in the town and surrounding forest, without informing Caravag. One morning Darror Rocbane sensed a hostile presence aroused in the forests to the north; that afternoon, a monstrous Razor Boar emerged with one of Dietrich’s soldiers impaled on its tusks. The beast seemed prepared to devastate the outlying buildings of the town, but fortunately it was put down by the team before this could happen. Caravag recovered another missing soldier from the woods and returned him to Dietrich, chastising the elf for sending his men into Dvirhim’s wilderness without proper guides. Dietrich had a private moment of anger after Caravag departed.

Chapter 1, Session 1
In Which Dietrich Accepts a Deal of Dubious Legality; Fengard Comes to Town; and Caravag Makes His Debut

In the city of Lykinos in the fey nation of Färchaia, the high elf wizard Dietrich Puppenspieler had a clandestine meeting with Councilman Jaeman Corraign, head of the Natseune Party; Dietrich agreed that on his mission as a foreign agent within David Caravag’s organization, he would run all information past Corraign before passing it on to the rest of the Council of the Elven Kingdoms, and—at Corraign’s discretion—withhold at least one piece of information from the Council entirely. After this arrangement was made, Dietrich embarked on a ten-day voyage that took him across the Strait of Sorrows, the conquered province of Svergurd, and Dvirhim, arriving at the small town of Nälosk in the central southern region of the vast dwarf nation.

In line to see Caravag, Dietrich met the half-elf Lenora Imilür and made a bit of a faux pas when he implied surprise that she was literate. He was then summoned to the band hall to meet with Caravag personally, hearing jazz music for the first time in a performance by Caravag and his band; during a brief intermission Caravag aggressively tore Dietrich down and mocked the formal, hierarchical military background from which he’d come, complaining that Dietrich was hardly fit to be part of his special unit and sending him away (before privately admitting to Kal, with unrestrained delight, that Dietrich was ‘perfect’).

The arrival of evening brought with it the half-orc knight errant Sir Fengard of Komwë, a thrall and vassal of Lord Ragnar Perünov. Caravag humored Fengard’s zealous oath of fealty but expressed a personal disdain of such oaths.

In Which a Mage's Duel Takes Place; the Drow Necromancer Kalanaste Rhelyn Gets a New Wight; and the Pixie Sorceress Aislin Joins Caravag's Revolution

Aislin the pixie sorceress arrived in the village of Nälosk with the intention of joining David Caravag’s revolution, but was turned away by Samson Dunsany. However, she persisted, and was permitted to duel the human wizard Connor Hess to take his place. Aislin won the duel, and Caravag’s dark elf necromancer Kalanaste Rhelyn turned Connor into a wight. Hooray!

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