Crazy Asshole


“Twitch” is a derro, one of the cursed dwarves of the mountains of Gazadhim. Like most of his kin he appears to suffer from what would be considered in any other sentient race to be insanity. His most obvious symptom is schizophasia, an inability to form coherent sentences, appearing to draw his words totally at random.

Twitch appears to be a member of the so-called “Justice Brigade”, capable of understanding and carrying out orders from Olga, so one can assume that in their eyes at least he is more of an asset than a liability. He has some skill with arcane magic, appearing to favor battlefield control spells with tricksterish flavor such as Grease; he was responsible for banishing Kal and Dietrich to the Plane of Shadow, decisively ending the skirmish on the slopes of Moradin’s Shortbow in the Brigade’s favor.


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