Sir Fengard of Komwë

Restless in Vigilance, resplendent in getting out grappled


Hailing from Komwë and now acting as sworn sword of the almighty and righteous House Perünov, Fengard seeks to represent his lord and house in as best light as possible during his service to Caravag.


Although hailing from the orc tribes of Komwë, Fengard recalls little of those years, Familiar faces and family are non-existent and what he does recall is scrambled and oft times contradictory. The only memories he can rely on are those of his service to House Perünov and the closest thing he has to a father, the almighty and unjustly wronged Lord Ragnar. He is the one that gave Fengard his name and helped mold him into the man he is today.

Having been saved from the brink of death by his Lords generosity and selflessness, Fengard swore there and then to serve and protect House Perünov to the best of his abilities and repay his debt to Ragnar tenfold. To better achieve this and with the assistance of his Lord and newly found brothers he began training in martial styles inspired by the old tales of knights and other chivalrous characters. Although he was a natural in combat, the more social aspects expected of him were considerably harder to grasp.

The relationship he shares with other members of House Perünov although seemingly stronger than mithral has become more and more rusted as he accompanies them on more tasks. His newfound vows and morals clashing with their sworn duties, usually a middle ground is struck or his loyalty will come first. Only once has he actively defied his brothers and that has kindled a feud between he and Thaygor which shows no sign of ever being settled peacefully.

Fengard’s flesh is always concealed behind layers of bandage like wraps, furs and steel, this coupled with his tremendous height and build often make for a lasting impression on the public. Very few in Ragnars service have actually seen his true face and even less outside of their community.

Fengard is rarely seen without his trusted steed and long time comrade Tibarius

Sir Fengard of Komwë

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