Paladin-at-Large, Pain in the Arse


The dwarvish warrior-woman known only as “Olga” is the apparent leader of the so-called “Justice Brigade”, and paladin of an unknown order. She rides a hippogriff paladin mount named Tania and makes devastating lance charges.

For some time now, she and her companions have been trailing the dark elf expatriate known as Kalanaste Rhelyn, believing him (correctly) to be affiliated with David Caravag. She appears frustrated by a lack of concrete proof of this assertion. However, this has not stopped the Justice Brigade from assaulting Kal without apparent provocation on at least two occasions and causing extensive damage to his personal property (read: undead minions). Kal has his own understanding of her motivation behind these endeavors. Who knows? It might be true.

Olga may possibly be in a state of unresolved sexual tension with her partner, Boris Sabotsin.


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