Kalanaste "Blossom" Rhelyn

"Sup" ~ Kal in all his divine wisdom


Cleric of Fharlanghn, Traveler of Roads, Controller of Undead, Haver of Fun.


Born on the fine year of 3735, in the mighty Drow nation of Svergurd, Kalanaste Rhelyn quickly grew to be a disappointment to his family. His brother, Lestar’s, constant successes in his training to become a warrior did nothing to help Kal’s reputation as physically weak, mentally soft disgrace. Kal’s half-hearted endeavors to become a wizard proved fruitless, and his inability to lift anything heavier than twenty pounds meant that he was not even considered for training as a soldier. He did, however, discover an aptitude for the divine; due to the matriarchal society he lived in, coupled with the fact that Drow Clerics were almost always women, he decided to practice this magic in private. Despite their differences, Kal and his brother remained close, and Lestar would often help Kal train his clerical magic whenever he needed a living target.

After sufficient training, Kal became confident that the order of Clerics would not be able to refuse a Drow with his abilities, despite his gender. He was correct, and after being accepted he opted to join a Cloister, where he could learn about the world outside of Svergurd, as well as how to rely on knowledge rather than plate armor and a mace. Due to the stigma surrounding Kal as a male Drow Cleric, he had almost nothing of a social life during his first few years in the Cloister. Kal chose not to become withdrawn, however, he instead became dead set on winning over his companions. Using his prior experience of training with his brother, Kal created a small club for the more adventurous members of the Cloister, where they could train practically and without the constraints of the head Clerics and lecturers. Kal succeeded in winning over a small group of friends, and over time became generally accepted, if not entirely liked, by almost everyone in the Cloister.

After a considerable amount of time spent learning, Kal was eager to get out in the real world and start putting his new found knowledge to practice. He intended to leave Svergurd far behind in search of new and fresh experiences, however before he could put his plan into action, the conflict between the Drow and the High Elves known as the Dark War broke out. Not long after, in 3941, Kal was called up to the Elven front. During the war he largely took on a support role, tending to the wounded both through his use of magic as well as his somewhat rare talent for non-magical healing. He was occasionally called up to the front lines to provide Abjurations, as well as to bolster the Drow lines with undead and summoned creatures. Kal suffered several tragedies during the Dark War, after the loss of friends, family and loved ones, he returned from the war as determined as ever to leave Svergurd and live his life for those who were lost.

Despite his brother’s insistence that Kal stay and help to rebuild Svergurd and the Drow, he left soon after his return. For just under fifty years, Kal traveled the world of √črdin; following the teachings of Fharlanghn, he never stayed put for too long. He provided guidance, both spiritual and practical for any who would listen, making many friends along the way. After a visit to Dvirhim, Kal learned of the revolution being spearheaded by one David Caravag; with no particular feelings one way or the other about Dvirhim’s aristocracy, Kal saw this as an opportunity for adventure, as well as a way of meeting some interesting new people.

He promptly joined up, and the rest is history.

Kalanaste "Blossom" Rhelyn

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