Gustav Kozar

Former-Lawman Turned Freight-Larcenist


Race: Zemlyo (“Earth Dwarf”)
AC: High enough to survive Fengard
HP: High enough to survive Fengard
Weapons: Dagger, Silversheen, Probably Others


First encountered during a train robbery on the way to Avessa ordered by Mikhail Colombov, Kozar briefly held his ground against Fengard in melee combat and thus made an impression on the party. He reinforced this impression when he remained unintimidated by threats of torture once the fight was concluded. He identified Fengard as a vampire and Kia Culac as a human-passing tiefling mere moments after meeting them for the first time, and has alluded to having been a police detective before he turned to a life of crime.

Kozar’s loyalties now that Colombov has been killed remain uncertain, but his actions at David Caravag’s speech to the former Colombov crime family of Avessa suggest that he may be sympathetic to the rebellion.

Gustav Kozar

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