Always Watching


Bartolomeo is a gargoyle, and a member of the so-called “Justice Brigade”. Prior to a skirmish on the slopes of Moradin’s Shortbow, he impersonated a statue at an ancient shrine where Caravag’s elite team had made camp before heading into the city of Avessa, allowing the Justice Brigade to scry on him regularly and take the measure of their opponents as they prepared for the fight. However, they clearly did not scry regularly enough, because they failed to notice a number of dangerous last-minute preparations that Caravag’s team set in place around the camp.

Nonetheless, the Justice Brigade soon gained the upper hand on Caravag’s team, due primarily to their wealth of defensive spells cast immediately before the start of the fight. When the rebels’ primary arcane and divine casters were banished to the Plane of Shadow, Caravag’s team was forced to withdraw. Only Fengard of House Per√ľnov stood his ground, briefly discussing nobility and honor with the Brigade’s leader Olga. Weary of the discussion and fearing that Fengard was earning Olga’s sympathies, Bartolomeo promptly ended his stint as an ornament and attacked the vampire. However, the gargoyle was soundly defeated, and only the timely intervention of his fellow Brigadier Eliina saved his life. How Bartolomeo will react to this embarrassment is yet to be seen.


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